College Club Sponsors
College Club Fundraising made easy!

If your college club has been looking for club fundraising ideas, you've found the best and the easiest out there.

We are a corporate matching service that focuses on partnering businesses seeking good will and promotional brand awareness in the university community with college clubs like yours.

Ready to lean more? It's quite simple. We have dozens of business sponsors that are ready and willing to support your college club for one year. All they ask for in return is a simple text link back to their website from your Club's homepage.

And there is no additional commitment on your Club's part. Nothing else. You recognize the Sponsor with a link on your Club's site and payment is sent to your Club that same day!
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Welcome aboard Jayhawks!
08/04/2013 welcomes aboard two new clubs from Kansas University! Look for your new Club funding soon.

We're now using e-Checks!

Just an accounting matter bit, but it's one more way we are working to ensure your Club's funds get to you guaranteed and fast!

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What can we do with the funds?
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From Krista at UCLA:
"Thank you so much for these opportunities!
Our club can always use the help."

From Frank at Rutgers:
"I would also like to [say] that we do appreciate the hard work you put into working with us. In the past, we have had sponsors that have "cheated" us out of many benefits. From the efforts you put in, we can clearly see that the trust is mutual and the gains are on both ends. Thanks for letting our club have the opportunity to get and give help!"

From Victor at the College of Charleston:
"Thank you for helping us in the first place. We really appreciate your help and the sponsors' support. We want to keep in touch with you for future funding opportunities."